Designed after the Loomis draw gags, this draw gag headstall set is quality made by Metalab. Featuring a 5-1/8" sweet iron curved square snaffle mouthpiece, this draw gag set comes complete with an adjustable headstall with heavy vinyl covered crownpiece.

The design of this draw gag helps to keep your horse from leaning on the bit and gives a little more bite than the traditional smooth snaffle.

The Loomis Gag bits can be used for everything from starting colts to tuning seasoned finished horses. Perfect transition to use directly following the ring snaffle by giving the rider lift and sharpness. This makes it easier to progress the young horse into side-passing and reverse-arc maneuvers needed for competition. Excellent for teaching a colt to be collected and helps the rider to effectively communicate neck and body flexion. Popular training tool for barrel racers, reiners, cutters, and endurance riders.

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